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About Carbonteq

We offer cutting-edge technology solutions and services all around the globe.

We believe that innovation, commitment to quality, and effective partnership with our clients are the key factors of the success. We have catered to the business needs of organizations across a wide array of industry sectors. Our solutions have helped our clients to achieve desired goals with strategic differentiation.


Our Services

Remote Developers
Remote Developers

We have a experienced and dedicated resources who can help to get your job done in most efficient and cost effective way possible.Get fast access to services of qualified professionals who are ready to work on your project immediately so hire web developers, mobile developers and data engineers to strive for optimum innovation and success

Big Data
Big Data

We have invested in people, tools and techniques to tame Big Data. We are here to give you the control over your data our data engineers and data scientist work with you on every step of your data pipeline, Let us show you how to use data accurately to help you to embark on a new era of the data-driven enterprise.

Web Design
Web Development

From shot to pitcher, smartphone to the desktop, your web app should look and function seamlessly. Our web development services will significantly enhance your business’s presence on the Internet. With our help you can take your message to much wider audience on internet.

ERP Solutions

If you feel being bottlenecked by sub optimized and outdated workflow affecting growth of your business worry no more. We will help you implemnt best ERP solution, We understand every business is unique so we offer solutions which are specifically tailored to your needs. Our customers report an average of 200% increase in efficiency right away.

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Web Design
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We have multiple options for the Payment:
  • PayPal
  • Bank Wire Transfer
You can choose any option of your own will. Payment Procedure is given below:
  1. We work on Agile Development Model for the project. Means we move with Milestones and the payments are binded with Milestones. We deliver your work and you pay for that for moving further.
  2. For Remote Teams, We charge on Weekly and Monthly basis after the mutual consent of both parties.
We usually spend two months on web designing and up to two months of web development depending on the complexity of the website.
All our websites are developed with search engines in mind and the website design is compliant with search engine strategies. It is a good idea for your website to be upgraded in time as over a period of time the search engines to modify their rules and you will need to be sure that your site is stayed up to date and complies with new rules.
Definitely Yes, you can contact us to let us know your needs. If you need exclusive rights to products we have created or full transferr of ownership/copyrights