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Carbonteq delivers the real benefits that today’s businesses require in their ERP System

Control Inventory
Control Inventory

Knowing your inventory - We make sure you have optimal level of inventory

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

We offer excellet reporting – tracking updates and important KPIs has never been easier

Connect Anywhere
Connect Anywheren

Worry you are gonna be on road a lot, Our web based solution moves with you.

Adapt to change
Adapt to Change

Worrying about change, our solution change with your business needs.

Improve Cash Flow
Improve Cash Flow

Be responsive to customers while managing fulfillment and cash flow.

Respond Quickly
Respond Quickly

With excellent BI and support tools we make sure you identify problem before they even occur.


We offer erp solutions which are

  • Customizable

    Odoo / Open ERP is an integrated platform which offers high adaptability thus can easily be customized to satisfy the business prerequisites. In today's competitive era, it is a constant push for the enterprises to tune up with the changing business situation.

  • Deployment Options Odoo
    On Premise and Hosted

    Odoo can either be deployed as on premise or hosted, it provides greater ease of use for the client. You don’t need to configure your device each time you have to access Odoo from a new device. In the case of emergency, you can log in to your Odoo account from anywhere and from any device.

  • Modular

    Odoo platform is highly modular. Its modules can be changed whenever required. Its integrated modules improve the efficiency and working of an ERP software development.

Let's take a look at our specialities


Financial reporting is a simple task for this module of ERP software development. Entire inflow and outflow of money are overseen by the finance module. This module monitors all record related exchanges like expenditures, balance sheet, account records, planning, bank statements, installment receipts etc.


Planning, production, procurement and bill of materials, track daily production progress, forecasting and reporting of actual production. MRP module is a great help for developing the industry for timely delivery of the product.


Oversees and tracks detailed data of the client like communication history, meetings and subtle elements of buys made by the client and contract span. It helps the business execution through better client benefit and building up the solid association with clients.


Get best performance by automating your workflow based on rules related to stock level, pricing, forecast, logistic rules and manufactoring orders, Now you can initate tenders to get best quotes from potential suppliers You can even import suppliers price list and keep track of supplier stock right from your app.


For SMEs we offer best POS in industry, no hardware requirements, with integration of inventory managment system dont spend precious time on checking availibility of your stock. Our sytem keep track of your customers so you can offer reward and loyalty programs, The best feature we offer is integation with eCommerce app so you dont have to manage stock seperatly.

Human Resources

Now oversees employee data, track employee records like performance reviews, assignments, job description, ability grid, time and attendance tracking, leave managment. One of the imperative sub-module is payroll which generating salary slips has never been easier before

CarbonTeq build custom solutions
to take you one step ahead of the competitors!

We provide high-end solutions to improve your existing business processes and to track your projects and resources. We pay great attention to the analysis of your business processes. We guarantee that every step of our client-service procedure is customer-centric and innovative.

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Odoo and Microsoft Dynamics GP are the leading ERP software providers of 2018. These platforms are best suited for small to medium-sized businesses and also includes account management, HR and payroll services. It also enables associations to connect processes across business units, manage to change markets and be more connected globally.
There is no standard time period for an ERP project implementation because it depends on different conditions. Usually executing an ERP takes somewhere in the range of 3 to 6 months. It can vary depending upon the size of the organization, the complexity of the framework being introduced, expected simultaneous clients and the integration of data from legacy frameworks. With such a large number of factors, it's essential to adopt a patient attitude, because it’s a process that can take a significant amount of time.
On-premise ERP solutions would be installed on your organization servers while cloud-based ERP would be installed and overseen off-site by a third party cloud supplier and can be accessed through your internet connection. One isn't really superior to the next; the technique for organization best for you will rely upon your organization structure, your current IT framework, your IT staff, your organization's development desires, and other different considerations.
Usually, existing solutions in the market have their own APIs integrating with other software or database. The accomplishment of the integration all relies upon the assurance of the software provider and the contribution of the third party software in providing essential data or documentation during the progression of the integration development.