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In this increasingly digitized world, the amount of data generated is growing at an exponential rate. All businesses are facing challenges in managing and making sense of this massive data and are seeking best practices to handle data meaningfully. Discovering the secrets hidden in your Data is the key factor in driving and developing future strategies which can help businesses gain the competitive edge.


Carbonteq Data Services

What Carbonteq can do for you

Strategy Consulting
Strategy Consulting

Carbonteq assists customers in defining their big data strategy and selecting the appropriate technology tools and processes to achieve the strategic objectives
Data Pipelines
Data Pipelines

Stable and robust ETL pipelines are backbone of the data infrastructure of modern enterprises. Our team of data engineers specialize in building pipelines that can ingest data from a variety of sources
Data Insights Services
Data Insights Services

The ultimate goal for companies deploying Big Data technology is to sift through large volumes of data and utilize insights to make better business decisions and identify actionable steps.
Visualizations & Analytics
Visualizations & Analytics

We have expertise and experience working with various data visualization and analytics tools which sets us apart from other Big Data Service Providers.
Infrastructure Set-Up
Infrastructure Set-Up

One of the key components of a Big Data implementation is the technology infrastructure that is deployed.We advise customers on the most appropriate infrastructure models while ensuring smooth deployment of Big Data technologies.
Maintainance & Support
Maintainance & Support

Our Big Data solutions specialists simplify operations of big data technologies via integrating & maintaining data infrastructure to keep your data flow continual.

Open Source Integrations

Here are a few most illustious open source technologies we have worked with.

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Carbonteq's team of consultants, data engineers and data architects work with enterprises like yours to build a roadmap to success with Data Engineering and Big Data Analytics. Regardless of the state of your data, Carbonq can help get you on the right track and start delivering results.

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This question cannot be easily answered absolutely. Based on the infrastructure on the market the lower threshold is at about 1 to 3 terabytes. But using Big Data technologies can be sensible for smaller databases as well, for example if complex mathematical or statistical analyses are run against a database. CarbonTeq offers variety of built in functions and computer languages like Scala or Phyton which can be used in such cases.
If you or your team are struggling to store or process data, now is the time to start a big data project. Our qualified team of big data engineers can help bring structure to your data as well as apply shape and optimize data for reports and visualizations.
Big Data can speed up the process of accessing valuable insights from your organization’s data. It helps you make sense of unstructured data so that you can focus on making decisions that drive business forward.
The key components of a big data project are as follows:
  • Store and retrieve data
  • Apply structured business rules to data
  • Use data warehouse and enterprise data warehouse
  • Use data lakes
  • Build reports and data visualizations to increase data visibility
  • Shape and optimize data